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3 Homes Perfect for Hosting

Posted 05/05/2017  | 

3 Homes Perfect for Hosting

The month of May is filled with the fun of hosting people. Whether it’s the family coming over for mother’s day, your friends for memorial day, or a mix of everyone your child knows for their graduation. Hosting people at your home can easily become stressful. You need a big enough kitchen to prepare the food, enough parking spaces for the family of five that all show up in separate cars, and the perfect outside space to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve selected a few of our listings that we think would be PERFECT for hosting any event you might need to.



  1. 602 Buckskin Ave, Bismarck
  • This home is located in north Bismarck and has everything you need for hosting the perfect celebration. With a large kitchen, multiple spaces to sit in (including the theatre room), and a deck, and spacious back yard. View this listing.



  1. 4535 Roundup Rd, Bismarck
  • When the sun’s shining and people are coming over to your home, there’s only one place they want to be… outside. So you need plenty of space for all of your outdoor party games. Is 2 acres enough? This home is located in north Bismarck, yet you’d never know it. It’s 2 acre lot provides you with all the room you need for hosting everyone, and their cars. View this listing.



  1. 705 14th St, Mandan
  • Finally, this home has all the features needed for hosting family, friends, and whoever you might invite. It has over 2500sqft, with a large basement (you can fit a pool table, and bar in it), and a great patio area. View this listing.


We hope you have a wonderful time this month, and throughout the rest of summer, spending quality time with those you love.